Breast Augmentation Abroad: How to Choose the Best Surgeons in Turkey

The transformative journey of motherhood brings an array of emotional and physical changes. Understanding these changes and maintaining the results becomes paramount, especially for those with a boob job.

Pregnancy has its changes, particularly impacting the breasts due to hormonal shifts and natural growth.

Why Pregnancy Changes Your Boob Job 

The cocktail of hormones released during pregnancy causes the breasts to enlarge. This is a natural preparation for breastfeeding. But how does this affect your previous augmentation?

The moment you hold your baby, your body begins another transformation. If you choose to breastfeed, this can also bring challenges and effects to your breast implants.

Maintaining the Shape and Size 

Becoming a mother is an incredible, transformative experience, but it’s natural to desire to maintain the breast augmentation results you cherished before pregnancy. 

The fluctuating hormones, milk production, and breastfeeding can challenge keeping the shape and size of augmented breasts. But, with the right care and practices, it’s possible to uphold those results. Here’s how you can ensure that your breasts continue to look their best:

Proper Bra Selection:

  • Support is Crucial: The right bra can make a world of difference. Invest in a high-quality supportive bra that fits well, especially during pregnancy and post-partum, when your breasts can be more sensitive and undergo size changes.
  • Sleep Bras: If you find your breasts feeling sore or heavy, especially during the early days of milk production, wearing a soft, supportive sleep bra can relieve and prevent unnecessary sagging.
  • Consultation: Consider getting a professional bra fitting post-pregnancy to ensure you wear the right size. The fit can change after pregnancy, and wearing the correct size is vital for maintaining shape.

Breast Massages:

  • Consistent Routine: Regular massages help improve blood circulation, which can maintain the softness of the breast tissues and prevent capsular contracture. In this condition, the scar tissue around the implant tightens.
  • Gentle Approach: Use gentle circular motions and always be careful if you have sensitive areas, especially post-surgery or during breastfeeding.
  • Oil or Cream: Use a non-scented moisturizer or oil to smooth the massage and nourish the skin.

Monitor for Changes:

  • Regular Checks: Regularly feel and check your breasts for any drastic changes in shape or size. If you notice any inconsistencies or are concerned, it’s essential to consult your surgeon.
  • Ultrasound/MRI: Depending on the type of implants and your surgeon’s advice, periodic imaging tests might be recommended to ensure that the implants are intact and in place.

Avoid Rapid Weight Fluctuations:

  • Steady Weight Management: Rapid weight gain or loss can affect breast size and shape. It’s essential to try and maintain a stable weight to prevent unnecessary stretching or sagging of the skin.
  • Post-Pregnancy Diet: Incorporate a balanced diet, focusing on losing the pregnancy weight healthily (if desired) and nourishing your body for breastfeeding.

Stay Hydrated:

  • Skin Elasticity: Water plays a pivotal role in maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking the recommended amount of water daily, which helps retain the skin’s suppleness and shape.

Post-Breastfeeding Care:

  • Gradual Weaning: If you’re breastfeeding, consider weaning gradually. This reduces your breast size naturally and decreases the chance of sagging.
  • Skin Tightening Creams: Consider using creams or lotions that promote skin tightening to help regain firmness after breastfeeding.

By staying proactive and implementing these practices, maintaining the shape and size of your augmented breasts post-pregnancy becomes a manageable endeavor. 

How To Find Expert Surgeons Abroad For Boob Job Surgery?

Finding an expert surgeon, especially in a foreign country, requires careful research and due diligence. Turkey has become a popular destination for medical tourism, especially for cosmetic procedures like breast implants Turkey prices, due to its competitive prices and skilled surgeons. 

If you’re considering undergoing breast augmentation in Turkey, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find the right surgeon:

Start with Recommendations:

Ask friends, family, or acquaintances who might have had procedures done in Turkey. Join online forums and social media groups related to cosmetic surgery in Turkey to gather real patient experiences and recommendations.

Research Clinics and Hospitals:

Look for internationally accredited facilities like the Joint Commission International (JCI). Check for reviews and ratings of hospitals and clinics on trusted medical tourism websites.

Verify Surgeon Credentials:

Ensure the surgeon is board-certified by the Turkish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons (TSPRAS) or a similar recognized entity. Check their educational background and where they received their training. Ideally, they should have training from renowned institutions. Determine their years of experience, especially with breast implant in turkey.


Schedule consultations with potential surgeons, either in-person if you’re in Turkey or via virtual meetings. During consultations, ask about their experience, the techniques they use, potential risks, the recovery process, and any other questions you may have. Review before-and-after photos of previous surgeries they’ve performed. This will give you a clearer idea of their expertise and aesthetic sense.

Plan Your Trip:

Consider recovery time when planning your stay in Turkey. You should stay longer than the surgery period to ensure proper recovery and follow-up checks. It might be beneficial to travel with a companion who can assist post-surgery.

Lastly, always trust your instincts. Feeling comfortable and confident in your choice of surgeon and clinic is essential. Once you’ve made an informed decision, follow all pre and post-operative care instructions to optimize your results and recovery.

Being a mother is a beautiful journey filled with challenges and joys. While maintaining your boob job results post-pregnancy might require effort, you can cherish your motherhood and desired physique with the right knowledge and care. Here’s to empowering yourself and embracing the road ahead!

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